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Kyoto Half-Day Walking Tour to Higashi Honganji & Gojo Rakuen with Tea Time


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This half-day walking tour will take you to see some of Kyoto's hidden gems. Explore the Gojo Rakuen geisha area, unusual shrines and traditional workshops, and make new friends as you explore! Get away from Kyoto's major sights, and see a more hidden, traditional side of the ancient capital. This is one of Kyoto's most famous and long-running walking tours, also known as WALK IN KYOTO TALK IN ENGLISH founded back in 1996 by the renowned guide Johnny Hillwalker. Visit small shrines usually overlooked by larger tours, learn about the important Higashi Honganji Temple, and go back in time in the traditional streets of old geisha districts and workshop areas. Enjoy a cup of tea and a Japanese sweet as a well-deserved break too! See the best of Kyoto without breaking the budget.

Cancellation Policy

  • Any cancellations made between 3 business days (18:00 local time) to 2 business days (18:00 local time) prior to the activity will be subject to a charge of 50% of the total amount.
  • Any cancellations made after 18:00 local time, 2 business days prior to the activity will be subject to a charge of 100% of the total amount.

Activity Detail

Pricing Details

Prices Starts From:28-01-2015   Ends On:01-01-2038    Available Days:   Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Adult/Child (Age 16 & Up) $28
Youth (Age 13-15) $14
Child (Age 7-12) $0


  • Tea and wagashi (Japanese confectionery)
  • English-speaking guide

Start Timings

  • 10:00


  • 5 (hrs)

Check In/Pickup Location Details

  • The meeting point is at Aqua Fantasy, a fountain located between JR Kyoto Station's North Main Gate and Kyoto Tower. Take the 10 steps down to find the group meeting location.
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Additional Notes

  • This tour is not covered by insurance.
  • This is a group tour, and the group is usually between 20~30 guests.
  • While Johnny Hillwalker still occasionally conducts this tour, it is now led by other guides.

Dressing & Items to Bring

  • Please bring a printed copy of your voucher.


Kyoto Half-Day Walking Tour to Higashi Honganji & Gojo Rakuen with Tea Time
10:00:00 Check-in at Aqua Fantasy (between Kyoto Station North Main Gate and Kyoto Tower)

Day: Day1
10:15:00 Tour Starts!
Tour starts at a fountain between JR Kyoto Station North Main Gate and Kyoto Tower. The walk is occasionally led by Johnny Hillwalker, the founder of the tour. The tour avoids major tourist spots, focusing instead on more hidden gems of the city. Below are some of the highlights of the tour!
Day: Day1
Higashi Honganji Temple
One of the most important temples for the True Pure Land Sect of Buddhism, the main hall is the largest wooden structure in Kyoto.
Day: Day1
Shinto Shrines
Visit Ayako Tenmangu Shrine, Ichihime Shrine (dedicated to women) and Toyokuni Shrine, all off the beaten path.
Day: Day1
Gojo Rakuen (Former Geisha District)
Here many old machiya houses, tea houses, even a kabuki theater in this well-preserved pleasure quarters area.
Day: Day1
Traditional Workshops
Pass by lots of little workshops, housed in private homes along back streets. You can find rosaries, tofu, fans, tatami, pastries, pottery and more!
Day: Day1
14:00~ 14:30 Tea Break at Kanshundo Higashimise
Take a well-earned break at this wagashi (Japanese sweets) atelier. Sip a cup of tea and nibble on a sweet treat.
Day: Day1
15:00:00 Tour Ends in Higashiyama

Day: Day1

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