Traditional Zogan Inlay Handicraft Lesson in Kyoto


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Kyoto zogan inlay is a traditional craft using stamped parts of pure silver or pure gold to decorate an iron plate. Create your own pendant or braided strap as a lovely gift or souvenir.

Cancellation Policy

  • We do not charge any cancellation fees, but please be sure to let us know beforehand if you wish to cancel the activity.

Activity Detail

Pricing Details

Prices Starts From:01-10-2019   Ends On:01-01-2038    Available Days:   All Days
Adult/Child (Age 12 & up) $64


  • Traditional handicraft activity fee
  • English-speaking assistant
  • Japanese-speaking instructor

Min/Max Quantity To Book

  • Max Qty: 10 (Maximum tickets can be booked)

Start Timings

  • 10:30,  11:00,  14:30,  16:00


  • 1 (hrs)

Check In/Pickup Location Details

  • By train
    *10-minute walk from Keihan Main Line Jingu Marutamachi Station
    *15-minute walk from Subway Tozai Line Higashiyama Station
    *Please note that there are also ‘Marutamachi Station’ on Kyoto Municipal Subway.
    By Municipal Bus
    *From JR, Kintetsu, Subway Kyoto Station
    About 30-minute ride from D2 platform in the bus terminal in front of Kyoto Station on Bus No.206 bound for ‘Higashiyamadori Kitaoji Bus Terminal,’ get off at ‘Kumanojinjamae.’ 3-minute walk from the bus stop.
    *From Shijokawaramachi
    No. 31 bound for Higashiyamadori, Takano, Iwakura
    No. 201 bound for Gion, Hyakumanben
    No. 203 bound for Gion, Kinrinshako
    Get off at ‘Kumanojinjamae.’ 3-minute walk from the bus stop.
    If you come by your own car
    *About 20 minutes from Meishin Expressway ‘Kyotohigashi IC’
    *About 30 minutes from Meishin Expressway ‘Kyotominami IC’
    *About 20 minutes from Hanshin Expressway Kyoto Line ‘Kamogawahigashi IC’
    *We have a parking area for 8 vehicles in the basement floor.
    *Height limitation: up to 1.6 m
    *Please request at the information desk at the 1st floor of the west building, where you can receive parking permit.
    *Please understand that we ask you to park your car at a parking area nearby (unaffiliated,) if your car is higher than 1.6 m, or our parking area is fully occupied.


  • Middle school students and above can participate in this activity.

Additional Notes

  • An extra fee will be charged if you need us to send your work overseas.
  • We will make your work into a pendant or a braid strap, and send it to you in about 1 month.
  • The activity schedule is subject to change or cancellation due to weather or traffic conditions.


Traditional Zogan Inlay Handicraft Lesson in Kyoto
10:30:00 Meet at Kyoto Handicraft Center

Day: Day1
Zogan Lesson

Day: Day1
In this lesson, you will do ‘inlaying,’ one of the number of processes of Zogan. After an explanation on Zogan craft and its processes, you will arrange and inlay bits of pure silver and gold which have been stamped out in various patterns into an iron base.
Day: Day1
Zogan uses a range of materials including pure gold, pure silver, lacquer, and more to add delicate and beautiful adornments to a range of items.
Day: Day1
Finishing work, to help enhance the piece, will be performed on your work by an experienced artisan.
Day: Day1
Your work will be made into a pendant or a braid strap, and sent to you in about 1 month. We hope you will enjoy your original pendant or strap!
Day: Day1
11:30:00 Check-out at Kyoto Handicraft Center

Day: Day1

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