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Yuzu no Komachi Japanese Izakaya Bar Reservation in Kyoto with Unlimited Drinks


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Take in the wonderful aroma of yuzu citrus as you savor a variety of mouth-watering modern Japanese cuisine with unlimited food and drinks! Make your evening in Kyoto special by reserving a private room for a memorable time with friends and family.

Cancellation Policy

  • Any cancellations made after the booking confirmation date will be subject to a charge of 100% of the total amount.

Activity Detail

Pricing Details

Prices Starts From:03-10-2018   Ends On:01-01-2038    Available Days:   All Days
Adult (Age 13 & up) $55
Child (Age 6-12) $28
Infant (Age 0-5) $0


  • Service fee
  • Open Bar (Unlimited drinks / including alcohol)
  • Dinner

Min/Max Quantity To Book

  • Min Qty: 2 (Minimum tickets to be booked)

Start Timings

  • 17:00,  17:30,  18:00,  18:30,  
    19:00,  19:30,  20:00,  20:30,  
    21:00,  21:30


  • 2 (hrs)

Check In/Pickup Location Details

  • Please come to the selected store on time.
    If you arrive more than 30 minutes late, your reservation may be canceled and refunds will not be issued.
    Yuzu No Komachi Saiin Branch
    Business Hours: 17:00 to 23:00 (Last entry time: 21:30)
    Nearest station:
    1-minute walk from Hankyu Saiin station


  • Please note that the voucher is only valid for selected dates and time slots.
  • Infants ages 0-5 may join for free, but a separate meal will not be prepared for them. Please indicate the number of infants joining at the time of reservation so that the store can reserve enough seats
  • The legal drinking age is 20 years old. Non-alcoholic drinks will be served to minors.

Additional Notes

  • Please understand that seats cannot be selected in advance.
  • The photos of the course menu is only for reference. The course content may vary according to the season.
  • The menu is subject to change without notice.

Dressing & Items to Bring

  • VELTRA voucher

Requirement(s) - other

  • If you show up more than 30 minutes after your reserved time, your booking will be subject to cancellation and no refund will be issued.


Yuzu no Komachi Japanese Izakaya Bar Reservation in Kyoto with Unlimited Drinks
17:00:00 Check-in at Yuzu no Komachi

Day: Day1
Dinner at Yuzu no Komachi
With around 50-60 types of dishes to choose from, enjoy a wide range of original Japanese and Western fusion cuisine while relaxing in a private room. Indulge in the 2-hour course with free-flowing drinks while savoring delicious yuzu citrus-filled dishes!
Day: Day1
Yuzu no Komachi Sample Menu
There are some dishes that can be customized to remove the yuzu citrus. Dishes that can have the yuzu citrus removed will be indicated below. Please note that the last order for food and drinks will be 30 minutes prior to your end time.
Day: Day1
Yuzu tofu Chinese yam in yuzu soy sauce Cooked quail egg Cabbage with yuzu and meat miso Yuzu cream cheese with crackers Optional non-yuzu dishes: Octopus calamari with wasabi Yuzu salted edamame beans Steamed chicken with leek, salt & yuzu sauce (cold or warm)
Day: Day1
Sliced onion with yuzu ponzu sauce Sprouts, whitebait fish, seaweed salad Yuzu peppered potato salad Daikon salad with yuzu zest Homemade Yuzu tofu salad Optional non-yuzu dishes: Yuzu salmon caesar salad
Day: Day1
Seafood Dishes
Tuna sashimi Salmon sashimi Yellowtail sashimi Bonito sashimi in yuzu ponzu sauce Italian-style tuna tataki Optional non-yuzu dishes: Salmon marinated in yuzu
Day: Day1
Grilled Dishes
Chicken steak with yuzu chaliapin steak sauce Optional non-yuzu dishes: Yakitori skewer assortment (yuzu salt / yuzu sauce) Grilled pork ribs with black pepper Broiled stingray fin, smelt, squid legs Chicken in yuzu ponzu sauce Sausage assortment Broiled salmon with yuzu cheese
Day: Day1
Fried Dishes
Plain or curry flavored spring roll with yuzu ponzu sauce Chicken nanban with yuzu tartar sauce Optional non-yuzu dishes: Fried chicken cartilage Fried octopus Fried chicken with yuzu sauce Fried shrimp with yuzu mayo
Day: Day1
Fried Dishes (Continued)
Deep fried tofu with yuzu essence Takoyaki octopus balls with yuzu mayo French fries Chicken tempura marinated with yuzu ponzu sauce Fried lotus root with meat in yuzu flavored sauce
Day: Day1
Warm Dishes
Optional non-yuzu dishes: Akashi-style yuzu takoyaki Boiled pork in daikon and yuzu ponzu Spicy yuzu-flavored dan dan noodles Seasonal vegetables and sauteed pork Yuzu-flavored carbonara pasta
Day: Day1
Rice Dishes
Two-colored yuzu and ground chicken on rice Yuzu no Komachi-style raw egg on rice Komachi-style stamina rice bowl Optional non-yuzu dishes: Yuzu peppered fried rice Yuzu green tea on rice (select from: salmon, plum, wasabi octopus, mentaiko fish roe)
Day: Day1
Mini chocolate cake parfait with yuzu fragrance Yuzu sorbet Optional non-yuzu dishes: Yuzu ice cream Special Yuzu no Komachi custard pudding Vanilla ice cream with dessert sauce (yuzu, kiwi, strawberry, chocolate)
Day: Day1
Unlimited Drinks
In addition to the many dishes, enjoy a wide range of unlimited drinks. Select from Japanese sake, wine, local beers, cocktails and other non-alcohol drinks.
Day: Day1
Private Dinner Room
All seats are private rooms that can seat from 2 people up to 30 people. Great for casual dinners with friends and family visiting the city!
Day: Day1
19:00:00 Check-out at Yuzu no Komachi

Day: Day1

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