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Sample foods from all over Japan and experience travelling across the nation in only 90 minutes! Take a peek into the history & culture of Japan through various unique flavors and regional styles. Taste foods from all over Japan and experience travelling across the nation in only 90 minutes! Take a peek into the history and culture of Japan through various unique flavors, regional souvenirs, and hands-on activities. Includes stops at nine different cuisine-related shops inside the COREDO Muromachi shopping complex in the historical Nihonbashi district. *This tour is also available in "With Lunch," "With Dinner," and "With Cooking Lesson" options. Please refer to the recommended activities below.

Cancellation Policy

  • Any cancellations made between 2 business days (18:00 local time) to 1 business days (18:00 local time) prior to the activity will be subject to a charge of 50% of the total amount.
  • Any cancellations made after 18:00 local time, 1 business days prior to the activity will be subject to a charge of 100% of the total amount.

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Pricing Details

Prices Starts From:09-05-2016   Ends On:01-01-2038    Available Days:   Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Adult (Age 13 & Up) $20
Child (Age 6-12) $13
Infant (Age 0-5) $0


  • Food samples
  • Souvenir
  • English-speaking guide

Min/Max Quantity To Book

  • Max Qty: 8 (Maximum tickets can be booked)

Start Timings

  • 11:30


  • 1 (hrs)

Check In/Pickup Location Details

  • Please check-in at least 10 minutes prior to your tour start time.


  • Children under 6 years old can join the tour free of charge, but will not receive food samples or a souvenir. If you would like food samples and a souvenir for your child, please purchase a children’s ticket.

Additional Notes

  • Custom tours can be arranged for an additional fee if you would like to request a tour for a different time, with a different route, or in a language other than English.
  • Please contact the activity provider directly with the number listed on the voucher if you will not be able to arrive within the selected time of reservation. Your reservation will be cancelled if they do not hear from you within 15 minutes of the start time.


Best of Japan Gourmet Tasting Tour in Nihonbashi
11:30:00 Meet at the Nihonbashi Information Counter (COREDO Muromachi 1 B1 Floor)

Day: Day1
11:30:00 Ocharaka (Tokyo)
Have a warming cup of uniquely-flavored green tea as you learn the haversting and production method of this special tea.
Day: Day1
Okui Kaisedo (Fukui Prefecture)
Learn about different kelp products and try some samples.
Day: Day1
Funabashiya (Tokyo)
Taste the famous kuzumochi, rice cakes made from kuzu starch and topped with kinako powder and kuromitsu. Learn about the history of this cute shop, too!
Day: Day1
Ninben Nihonbashi Honten (Tokyo)
Drink some dashi soup stock and try shaving bonito flakes at this historical shop from Nihonbashi.
Day: Day1
Imoya Kinjiro (Kochi Prefecture)
See where imo kenpi (sweet potato fries) are made and try some samples. These glazed and fried snacks are delicious and extremely popular.
Day: Day1
Hakkaisan Sennen Koujiya (Niigata Prefecture)
Learn how malted rice kouji is made and used, and sample some amazake, a sweet non-alcoholic rice drink.
Day: Day1
Qjiki (Kagoshima Prefecture)
Try some savory fish cakes called "satsumaage" and see the many varieties they have to offer.
Day: Day1
Tsuruya Yoshinobu (Kyoto)
Sample a small confectionery and learn about the different traditional sweets offered each season. See where artisans make sweets fresh every day!
Day: Day1
Hashicho (Japan)
Learn how to find the perfect sized chopsticks for your hand and try a chopsticks game!
Day: Day1
13:00:00 Check out at Nihonbashi Information Counter

Day: Day1

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