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Explore the bustling city of Athens in this small group walking tour. Visit the luxury hotel Grande Bretagne and The Temple of Zeus. Learn the rich history of the city as you walk along the streets, corners and lesser-known areas for tourists. Discover the rich history of Athens as you explore its neoclassical buildings, temples, gardens and shops. Walk along streets filled with historical sites, famous spots and lesser-known areas with your guide. Witness the Evzones in their unique uniforms as they change their posts in the hourly Changing of the Guards at Syntagma Square. Explore the Plaka area where you can find local products such as Ouzo, the national alcohol of Greece. Taste this clear and silky drink that you can find everywhere in Greece.

Cancellation Policy

  • Any cancellations made after 09:30 local time, 2 business days prior to the activity will be subject to a charge of 100% of the total amount.

Activity Detail


  • Greek coffee or soft drink
  • English-speaking guide

Min/Max Quantity To Book

  • Max Qty: 12 (Maximum tickets can be booked)

Start Timings

  • 09:30


  • 3 (hrs)

Additional Notes

  • Please note that tour inside the Acropolis is not included in tour price. If you wish to tour inside the Acropolis, this will have to be done separately on your own time.
  • Please note that transportation is not included in the price.
  • The tour will go ahead in all weather conditions. However, if cancelled due to extreme circumstances, your leader will contact you to move your tour to another day. You will be informed via email or local contact number.
  • This tour operates with a maximum of 12 people.

Dressing & Items to Bring

  • Walking shoes
  • Comfortable clothing


Walking Tour
09:15:00 Check-in at Syntagma Square

Day: Day1
09:30:00 Historical Tour
Begin your tour and marvel at the neoclassical buildings near the square such as the Grande Bretagne. It was once a royal palace that has been converted into a luxury hotel.
Day: Day1
Changing of the Guards
Watch the Evzones, the guards of the Constitution, dressed in their unique 17th and 18th-century designed uniforms at the hourly changing of the guards at Syntagma Square.
Day: Day1
Walls of Ancient Acropolis
Travel to Acropolis and walk around the walls of the ancient citadel through the ancient Agora. Learn about the history and myths of each temple and hear stories about Athena, Nike, the Caryatids, and the Parthenon.
Day: Day1
Plaka Area
Explore the souvenir shops along Adriannou Street where you can buy local products such as olive oil, sponges, icons, leather sandals, bags and the national drink of Greece, Ouzo.
Day: Day1
Diogenes Square
See Hadrian's Arch that was built in honor of one of the most glorified Roman emperors. Behind the arch, you will see The Temple of Zeus.
Day: Day1
The National Garden and Panathenaic
Pass through the Athens National Garden and visit the Panathinaiko Stadium. Explore this place where the first-ever Olympics was staged and the 2004 Olympic marathon ended! Marvel at the world's only stadium made entirely of marble.
Day: Day1
See the New City Highlights at Kolonaki Area
Look back at the traces left by the Greek Empire and stroll through the new city with majestic modern architecture. Feel like a local and visit the places where they shop and eat. Visit the Kolonaki neighborhood, renowned for its numerous luxury boutiques and international restaurants.
Day: Day1
12:30:00 Tour Ends at the Academy of Athens

Day: Day1

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